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Sarasota has a long history with waterskiing. In 1957 the Sarasota Ski-A-Rees was founded and incorporated as a non-profit. Then in 1958, when Sarasota has about 35,000 residents it contracted with Cypress Gardens to present a water-ski show for the Sarasota County Pageant. The event prompted the interest in hosting local water-ski shows. The Charter members of the Ski-A-Rees requested the City assist them in obtaining property for the purpose of promoting water skiing as a form of recreation and entertainment. The City responded favorably and has continued the support making skiing a Sarasota tradition for over 50 years.

The painting, according to the artist, Bridget Lyons: "My grandmother, Dorothy Lyons, along with my grandfather, Frank Lyons, were professional water skiers at Cypress Gardens. My grandmother was also a model. She was asked to ski on a Johnson Seahorse for a commercial for Johnson Outboard Motors. My grandfather skied next to her as a spotter. When they finished filming the commercial, a photographer captured this still photo of her and made it into a postcard. The Johnson Seahorse that she rode is currently at Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida."

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Bridget Lyons

Bridget Lyons is a Florida Artist who focuses on colors and contrast in her paintings. That love of color has become a staple in her choices for street painting, although, she has pushed her range and begun to explore black and white images. Over the years, she has moved from flat, bright images to develop her passion for colors and just how far she can push the limits. Her style continues to evolve in street painting, by her mixed use of carefully selected reproductions and inspired original pieces. Aside from street painting, She also enjoys photography and painting in acrylics.

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