Flamingo Jungle Gardens

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This painting is a copy of a 1950 Sarasota Jungle Gardens brochure. The original brochure calls Jungle Gardens “A Foliage and Flower Paradise Where Wildfowl of the World Roam Freely” and “Florida's Most Beautiful Sanctuary”.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens was developed by David B. Lindsay, Pearson Conrad and H.R. Taylor and opened on New Year's Eve 1939. The gardens contain over 10 acres of botanical plantings along with bird and animal shows. According to Karl Grismer in "The Story of Sarasota," the developers added thousands of plants to those already found growing in their natural state.

The December 31, 1939 Sarasota Herald Tribune reported that "The garden, containing more than 3,000 varieties of plants from all parts of the world is being thrown open today only because of man requests from people who would like for their holiday guests to see Sarasota's newest and most beautiful attraction." On the following day, the Herald reported in a follow-up story that "hundreds of visitors thronged at the Sarasota Jungle, luxuriant garden spot on the Indian Beach Road at Myrtle Avenue yesterday to view Sarasota's newest attraction."

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Remember to stop by to visit the flamingo flock!

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Janet Tombros

Janet P. (JanP) Tombros, a resident of Apopka, Florida, is a certified “Master” Street Painter through Florida Chalk Artist Association and an established acrylic artist on both canvas and murals in the central Florida community.

Janet is the daughter of a diplomat with the armed forces and has been traveling the world her entire life Art became a comforting outlet for Janet to express her emotions in her ever changing world. Janet’s art reflects the broad cross-cultural influence that evolved from her extensive international travel experiences. From the Brazilian tropics to the surrounding riches of Sicilian antiquity, Janet’s vivid color palette reflects these carefree cultures.

Janet has been participating in the Sarasota Chalk Festival as an artist and a project captain for over 10 years. She is an eager participant in projects that engage community attention to arts and culture. Janet was among the first to put paint to concrete helping celebrate the colorful and lively city of Sarasota’s during their centennial.
"My art is about telling a story. I try to think from the perspective of my audience to convey the emotion that I want to elicit.”

Sarasota postcard with animals on top
Retro Sarasota beach scene w/ added child on water float
Sarasota Jungle Gardens Flamingo postcard
Jumping porpoise print
Ringling colorful bird painting


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