Orange Peel & Fish - 3D Illusion

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January 2020 the Chalk Festival nonprofit organization embarked on creating a 3D Illusion Museum unlike anything every created before. Dozens of international and local artists were traveling to the site over the course of several months to create jaw dropping illusions for the museum. The plan was to always have a work of art in process for the public to view.

Slated to open March 2020 it opened and then quickly shut down as COVID 19 became our new reality. Several artists were unable to travel, tickets were cancelled, doors where shut and work had to stop. A few artists were quarantined together for the next few months, keeping safe for the pod of museum creators.

Yet the quarantine could not stop the creative process and artists must create one way or another. With the streets bare of pedestrians and businesses closed, Chalk Festival artist Kanako Matsumoto here from Japan started creating 3D illusions on the sidewalk to create smiles for the occasional passerby. The subject, an a fish swimming through an Orange Peel is a whimsy interpretation of Santiagos daily ritual of eating oranges. Again, so fitting for S. Orange Avenue sidewalks.

For the Avenue of Art, we have partially restored the 3D Illusion and included it in the history of Sarasota as public art created during the pandemic.

TO TAKE A PHOTO: This pavement painting is a 3D illusion so please use your camera to stand a few feet back and hold the camera right in front of you to see the illusion through the camera lens. The Orange will pop up as if it is three dimensional.


Canaco M portrait

Canaco Matsumoto

A unique Japanese Madonnara, Canaco Matsumoto, based in Tokyo, Japan fell in love with street painting almost by accident. She went to Florence, Italy to study Interior Design in 2006. She joined the Madonnaris' association there before coming back to Tokyo in 2007. Since then, she continued to put all of her life's inspiration in it -- even though the street paintings had little recognition, understanding, or respect in Japanese society. Her talent, flexibility, and professional skills are changing the views of Japanese people on street art. Wherever she paints, children are fascinated and want to watch and learn, so she organizes workshops and collaborative painting for children in many cities in Japan. She learned her way of painting through her experience on the street. She explores the way to paint through her life.

Canaco's website features a full gallery.

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