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The surrealistic art of Salvador Dali was brought to life at Selby Gardens for its fourth annual art and horticulture exhibit. Photo opps abounded as visitors came upon eyeballs (a nod to our perception of reality), eggs (hope, birth, love and conception), crutches (challenges and weaknesses) and boats (water, life and Dali’s coastal home). A butterfly house was a reminder of the power of transformation. A piano overflowing with plantings had somehow landed in the koi pond. And, of course, there was a giant mustache made from foliage with the perfect cut-out for visitors to step into.

The exhibit contained “real” art as well. Ten color lithographs of Dali’s “FlorDali” series were on display in the Museum of Botany & the Arts. These whimsical drawings depict flowers of a variety you won’t find in your own garden, like a mouth-watering bacon and egg-laden chrysanthemum. The exhibit was rounded out with black and white photographs by Clyde Butcher of the Brava Coast where Dali lived and got so much of his inspiration.

The exhibit was so well-received that it is in on display at the Denver Botanic Gardens this summer.



Israel Alpizar

Born in Mexico but raised in both the American MidWest and Mexico City, Israel blends his cultural upbringing with a new age world approach. Sacred Geometry, Art Nouveau, Surrealism and Psychedelia are a few of the many influences that Israel combines to express his style and energy. Self thought in the fine arts but studied Digital Media Production in Chicago IL.

With a balance of the feminine and masculine, blending eras in time from ancient esoteric symbolism to future designs, Israel brings forth a new taste in which we always reincarnate from the past into the future.

Israel mostly works on plywood with the blend of oils, metallics, spray paint, wood stains, incense and ink. Using made-shift tools to get the almost precise geometry into the composition. With themes of dreams, meditation, and visionary work from the within connecting with cosmic and psychedelic expressions. Mostly empowered by women, Israel captures the feminine energy in his most recent works from his “Ombilical” series.

Working as an art director, graphic and web designer, digital media production, he also finds passion in cooking, skating, multi instrumentalist and reading.

"The chance I got to meet other artists and be able to work with one another on our own pieces was very inspirational and a catalyst for new endeavors.

Israel's websit is at :

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