St Armands Statue

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Most art lovers are familiar with Michelangelo’s David. The marble sculpture (circa 1504) stands 17’ tall and can be found in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence. There’s nothing like seeing Michelangelo’s masterpiece in person. But if Italy isn’t in your travel plans, a striking bronze replica can be found at the Ringling Museum standing watch over the courtyard.

John Ringling purchased cast bronze replicas of David and other classical sculptures from the Chiurrazi Foundry outside Rome around the turn of the 20th century. The statues were intended to grace the grounds of a new Ritz-Carlton to be built on Longboat Key. When the enterprise failed, David found a home on the Museum’s grounds. The statue is so popular that is has become a symbol of Sarasota.

Information about conservation of the statue (and a great picture of its installation) can be found here.



Truman Adams

Truman Adams is an Artist based in downtown Sarasota, FL. He is a graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design, and a father of two. Truman is a freelance Artist creating Murals, Portraits, 2D and 3D Street Art, Fine Art, Live Painting, Custom Canvases, Mosaics, and any creative projects needing an artist touch. Truman competed in Dubai Canvas 2017 for $650,000 with 24 other international 3D Street Artists painting the theme Happiness. He created 7 large mosaics outside of Church of the Redeemer in Downtown Sarasota illustrates the birth of Christ and the birth of his son who modeled for the last mosaic,The Presentation. Truman has been featured in the Sarasota Chalk Festival since 2009 becoming friends and working along side some of the greatest and most influential artists in the world. Truman’s first memories are of painting and drawing and he has always known he was an Artist.

"I answered the call and have a had a blast doing the paintings I have done so far, connecting with artist friends I have known for years, local community I have not seen in years, and making no connections with new artists artist appreciators while working outside on the sidewalk."

Truman Adams painted:
the David statue portrait
Sea horse sculpture from the Lido Casino
St Armands Statue
The statue in the Banyan Tree on the Ringling grounds

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