High Vibe Ibis

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Native American folklore held that the bird was the last to seek shelter before a hurricane, and the first to emerge afterwards. The bird was thus a symbol for danger and optimism.


Kaitlin Kelly

Kaitlin kelly, better known as Swirly Painter, is a 29 year old Artist from Chicago, Illinois. She is now based in Sarasota Florida as a Muralist. When she is not painting the streets and buildings, she lives her life raising two sons. She is an acrylic painter of realism, and surreal monsters that are based on the essence of duality. “The darkness contains the Medicine necessary for healing and the appreciation of light. There is no sunrise with out first, a sunset.”

There’s something about a cool salty breeze as the clouds roll in. The storm then comes and goes, and a friendly ibis strolls by for a visit. What a beautiful place my family and I are so lucky to have come by.

Gray ibis with rainbow

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