Monkey Picking Bananas

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Bands of feral macaque moneys are roaming Central Florida. Scientists estimate there are nearly 200 primates in Silver Springs State Park alone. Another 72 have been spotted from Franklin County in the Panhandle down to Sarasota County. The monkeys, who live in groups, or troops, usually avoid people, but they can become aggressive if they feel their turf is threatened.


Ellie head

Ellie Otte

Ellie Otte lives in Sarasota and is in 2nd grade. She loves being creative and artistic everyday. Her most favorite stuffy is Monkey. They do everything together. And, she feels like he is a brother to her.

When Ellie isn’t busy at home repurposing various materials to create new artistic creations such as a play area for her Monkey she enjoys going to the beach, swimming, playing tennis and being with her friends. She is also a dedicated fan of Disney and enjoys Magic Kingdom.

Ellie was very curious about the sidewalk art that was taking place. While walking down Pineapple she spoke with many of the artists’. She received an invite to paint as well. Her eyes widened with excitement and her smile was beaming. She asked her Mother if she could participate. Early the next morning they returned to select the sidewalk square for her first public masterpiece.

It was natural for Ellie to be inspired to paint a picture of her favorite stuffy, Monkey. He has several nicknames, Monka Monk or Monkey William Otte depending on if he is being cheeky.

The painting is of Monkey’s habitat which includes a palm tree and of course yummy bananas.