3-D Beagle Tyson

IMG 3208 tyson 3d

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. And why wouldn’t they be? Dogs and people are
both social animals and have been living together for thousands of years. The
expression came from a statement made by Frederick II, King of Prussia, in the 18 th
century when he referred to one of his Italian greyhounds as his best friend.

The three-dimensional painting celebrates the life of the [Sitka’s] beagle Tyson. You
can get a sense of Tyson’s personality by the way he patiently looks up at his owner –
and passersby – from behind his glasses. Rest in peace, my friend.

Dogan Sitka.



Sıtkı Dogan

Sıtkı Dogan is a talented and accomplished artist hailing from Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from Yeditepe University, providing him with a solid foundation in art and design principles. Despite his academic background, Sıtkı's passion for street art drove him to pursue his creative calling.

After completing his master's degree and working as an academic assistant for two years, Sıtkı made the decision to fully dedicate himself to his passion for street art. Since 2016, he has actively participated in various festivals and competitions, garnering awards and recognition as a promising artist. Sıtkı's distinctive style and unique approach to street art have propelled him to the forefront of Turkey's street art scene.

Sıtkı's talents have also garnered attention on the international stage. He has been invited to showcase his work at major festivals in Europe and America, earning accolades such as 2nd prize at an international competition in Germany and invitations to festivals in America. These experiences have allowed Sıtkı to connect with other artists and enthusiasts, further fueling his passion for his craft.

A hallmark of Sıtkı's work is his incorporation of 3D chalk art into his street pieces, making him one of the pioneering street artists in Turkey to experiment with this technique. His seamless blending of this technique with his unique style has helped him stand out in the field.

Sıtkı has had the privilege of exhibiting his work alongside world-renowned street artists, solidifying his position as one of the most talented and promising artists in the field. In addition to street art, he has expanded his artistic horizons to include digital art design. Currently based in the USA, Sıtkı continues to push the boundaries of his art in both festival and digital art design, constantly exploring new ideas and techniques.

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