Petra Despos

Petra Despos is a Florida based Artist, originally from Hungary. She's been creating Art since her childhood and later on become a Decorator, however she enjoys painting the most she also loves to try new projects. She often makes jewelry and home decorations. "I wanted to join to this community project, because I love Art, and I wanted to be a Chalk Festival member for a long time ago. My old dream came true, thank you very much for this opportunity. It was amazing to see every Artist to do there best to create something beautiful, I personally love all of them:)"

"I painted a Gecko and a Frog. The task was about to create something which is connecting with Sarasota Florida. I do love reptiles, in Florida geckos, lizards and frogs are everywhere. It is perfect fit to celebrate 100 years old of Sarasota through Art:)"

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