Green Tree Frog

C Fi 9906

Although the body of a green treefrog is predominantly green, it has the ability to change colors from bright green to a duller green or even to gray, brown or yellow, depending on its surroundings. Adhesive disks on the tips of each appendage enable these smooth-skinned, four-toed critters to cling securely to a wide range of surfaces. In addition to trees, weeds, leaves and reeds, green treefrogs can also attach themselves to glass. At nighttime when houses lights are on, green treefrogs can often be found clinging to windowpanes where they can make an easy meal of small insects attracted to the light.


Petra Despos

Petra Despos is a Florida based Artist, originally from Hungary. She's been creating Art since her childhood and later on become a Decorator, however she enjoys painting the most she also loves to try new projects. She often makes jewelry and home decorations. "I wanted to join to this community project, because I love Art, and I wanted to be a Chalk Festival member for a long time ago. My old dream came true, thank you very much for this opportunity. It was amazing to see every Artist to do there best to create something beautiful, I personally love all of them:)"

"I painted a Gecko and a Frog. The task was about to create something which is connecting with Sarasota Florida. I do love reptiles, in Florida geckos, lizards and frogs are everywhere. It is perfect fit to celebrate 100 years old of Sarasota through Art:)"

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