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This vibrant painting depicts an important segment of Sarasota County's history by illustrating a detailed map of Sarasota and its surrounding areas, including a notable depiction of the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ). The topographical intricacies and the careful attention to the geographical features of the area are vividly brought to life with shades of blue representing water bodies contrasting against the green of the lands. Major road networks and thoroughfares are displayed in bold black lines, showing how modern transportation corridors intertwine with the natural landscape. The map not only serves as a navigational tool but also a historical artifact, reflecting the growth and infrastructural development of the county.

At the heart of the painting is a bold red arrow emblazoned with the words "YOU ARE HERE!!" that directs the viewer’s attention to the precise location of the SRQ airport, emphasizing its pivotal role in the region's connectivity. The inclusion of an airplane symbol near the airport speaks to the integral part aviation has played in Sarasota’s development, especially by fostering tourism and business. This artwork encapsulates the essence of Sarasota's progression from a quiet coastal community to a bustling modern hub, marked by a fusion of natural beauty and urban expansion. Through its vibrant colors and meticulous detailing, the painting invites viewers to explore and appreciate the rich history and continual evolution of Sarasota County.

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