Venice Flamingos

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A cute reinterpretation of a Venice Magazine cover of Flamingos. Flamingo sightings are always an exciting occasion. The wading birds’ pink color (which comes from a diet heavy on shrimp) can’t help but grab your attention. Then there’s the fact they are often poised comfortably on one leg for reasons ornithologists have not definitively determined. Their lively chatter will make you want to join right in. It seems appropriate that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.

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Anita Wexler

Anita Wexler has her BFA from Parsons New School of Design and her art education cortication from Bank Street College, both in NYC; she also has her M.Ed in Education. She is currently a teacher at Sarasota High School.

Anita has had her artwork shown locally, nationally, internationally and published in numerous magazines; such as Numinous, Art Ascent and Healers and many more. She appeared on HGTV's Isn't That Clever and Crafters Coast to Coast. Wexler's art has made their way into the hands of many collectors including: William Wegman and Jane Seymour.

She continues to experiment, grow and challenge herself as an artist. & Instagram: @artbyanitawexler

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