Shell in Hand

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Danielle head

Danielle Alana

Danielle is a casual artist who creates when the mood strikes. She has been commissioned to create a few times, which she is willing and proud to do anytime. She has no specific genre and will try any media or canvas at least once. If you asked her the media type she most would want to work with, it would be pencils, as they are forgiving and the easiest to work with. As a hobby, she loves doing line art combining famous quotes or obscure lyrics. You can see her favorite pieces on her Instagram account linked below.

I was inspired to do this community project because I wanted to be a part of something big that shared art of all kinds with the visitors of Burns Square and beyond, via the Internet. Sarasota beaches have amazing spots to go shelling. I wanted to capture that moment when you find that ONE shell that you take home. In my opinion, the best beaches for finding amazing shelling are Siesta Key, specifically Siesta Beach, Turtle Beach and Crescent Beach. Happy Shelling!

I painted a hand holding a seashell over the ocean.