Seadragon Seahorse

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Florida has three species of seahorses: The lined seahorse, which can grow to more than seven inches, and the dwarf, which is less than an inch, are the most abundant in the Gulf of Mexico. The slender or longsnout seahorse, which can be seven inches long, is found primarily in South Florida. It has a more delicate build than the similar-sized lined seahorse.

“It’s unique. It’s got a head like a horse, a tail like a monkey, and a pouch like a kangaroo.,” states Shawn Garner, senior biologist.

Seahorses don’t travel much, moving only about five to seven meters from its normal area. There are roughly 42 species of seahorses, but an exact count is difficult because new species are being found every year. They can be found in the flats around Sarasota Bay.

Indeed, these flimsy-looking creatures are “built like a tank,” with a hard, protective frame. Garner noted that “the U.S. military is even using the seahorse structure in designing exoskeleton” suits for soldiers.

In 2006, an animated short film, The Amazing Adventures of Gavin, a Leafy Seadragon, was made on behalf of several South Australian organisations involved in conserving the marine environment. The film is an introductory guide to marine conservation and the marine bioregions of South Australia suitable for 8-12 year olds, and copies were distributed on DVD to all primary schools in the State. An educator's resource kit to accompany the film was released in 2008.

You can see a Seadragon Seahorse at Mote Marine.


Brynn Hyde

Brynn Hyde, age 15, enjoys writing and drawing. Future plans of study to become an author/illustrator. With helpful support of her family. "It was my first time doing sidewalk painting, heard about it from a friend and was immediately interested by it. Although the conditions we’re a bit rough weather wise sometimes, it was still one of the funniest things I’ve ever completed."

A depiction of the marine life sea horse called a sea dragon, but with an added whimsical touch to it.