Sailor Circus Aerial Silks

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The Sailor Circus got its beginnings back in 1949 as part of Sarasota High School’s physical education program. Today it is a circus school that 4th – 12th graders can participate in after regular classes let out for the day. Since the Sailor Circus’ founding, more than 1 million spectators have watched these young performers take the ring.

Aerial acts are always popular for their beauty and daring. At the Sailor Circus, spectators can enjoy aerialists performing on the trapeze and carrying out maneuvers using both traditional straps and the more exotic aerial silks. Aerial silks have been employed in circus acts since first introduced in France in 1959. This specific type of aerial work was not officially recognized until the 1990s, though, when Cirque du Soleil performers began executing climbs, wraps and drops with only the seemingly fragile material and their own strength keeping them safe.

If your curiosity is piqued, people of all ages can take an aerial silk class at The Circus Arts Conservatory. And there’s no need to worry – early instruction takes place on the ground.


Sarah Smith

Sienna, Mia and Eli are three local middle school students who share a love for art. They wanted to participate because they thought it would be fun to join the Sarasota art community in building this beautiful project. They worked together to create this painting, inspired by Eli's love for the Sailor Circus. The photo is of Eli performing at the Sailor Circus Summer Camp on the Spanish Web. It was taken by a family friend, Wes Roberts.

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