Pelican on Mangrove

C Fi 0125

Pelicans like to nest in the Mangrove Islands in Sarasota County intercoastal waterways and remote areas, out of harms way. The mangrove trees form a dense tangle of roots and branches and can grow up to a height of 25-40 feet with a canopy span of 25-30 feet. The Pelicans make a nest, made of woven long sticks and perched on the top of the mangrove tree. They share the mangroves with many other kinds of birds - as well as insects, frogs, snakes, and lizards.

Pelicans nesting season can extend from January through October. Brown Pelicans normally lay three eggs and the adults share incubation duties. Each egg is laid two to three days apart. It is rare to see a baby pelican (called a chick) as they pick remote locations.

Pelicans can eat 4 pounds of fish per day. They take in a large amount of water together with fish. Before swallowing the fish, pelicans move their heads forward to remove excess water.