Nightblooming Cactus

C Fi 9962

This is a painting of a Night Blooming Cereus, a tropical flowering cactus. It is a short lived flower that has a dusty white floral smell with a soft spicy undertone. It blooms sometime between July to October from dusk to dawn and is called the “Queen of the Night.” The Cereus night blooming cactus is a tall climbing cactus that may grow very tall up a palm tree, for example. It is three ribbed and has black spines along green to yellow stems. The bloom will only open at night and is pollinated by a moth. It will close and wither in the morning but if it was pollinated the plant produces large juicy red fruit.


Annie headshot

Annie Crouch

Annie is a student at Ringling College of Art and Design. She has experience with both private and public murals, and specializes in organic scenes and vivid colors.

"As a member of the Sarasota community, I was excited to be a part of such an amazing public art event. I enjoyed researching and exhibiting parts of Sarasota history through my passion, while also sharing it with others. In addition, it was extremely inspiring to be working with such skilled and experienced artists as part of a united project."

I painted:
-A flyer from the Sarasota French Film Festival
-A night blooming cactus flower from the Marie Selby Gardens
-A mermaid with a “minimum wake” warning
-The seahorse statue from the Lido Beach Casino
-A historic photo taken of local orange farmers
-Different shark teeth found in Venice,FL