Neon Heart

C Fi 9826

The November 2016 Chalk Festival celebrated the theme Love & Peace, with over 150 pavement artists participating at the Venice Airport.

Kurt Wenner created an over sized group project around the game of chess where each pawn is making friends instead of war. Leon Keer created an installation in the grass field where there where no losers. Eduardo Relero changed his installation as he flew from Spain hearing Donald Trump won the election. Kumpa Tawornprom created oversized letters that spelled LOVE & PEACE.

The Chalk Festival is the largest gathering of world renown pavement artists and showcases the largest number of 3D illusions ever created in one location. The festival has debuted and supported more advancements of the art form than any other organization in the world.

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Layla 1

Layla Ellis

Layla is a forward thinking artist. Incorporating 3D glasses with each work of art, it becomes an interactive experience for the viewer. Each piece she creates is all about letting go, letting movement and flow bring her expression of love and fun to the canvas. "I am so honored and grateful to be a part of this beautiful project. I really wanted to give back the love I have received from this magical community. Both pieces come straight from my heart. "

The first piece I painted is a neon rainbow ombré square with the words “Be Present. Have Integrity. Align with Love.”

The second square is a neon rainbow heart.