Mask Girl

C Fi 9938

This painting of a girl wearing a mask reminds us of the mask ordinance in Sarasota and the adjustments to our lives that came from the pandemic. Initially there was concern about where to even get a mask. Then people started helping others acquire masks by making homemade ones that fit different size faces and beards. Some people started making masks from scraps of fabric and sending them to teachers equipping classrooms. Some masks had breathing valves. Then the fashions started to emerge with prints and messages and self expression.


Tayla headshot

Tayla Wright

Tayla is 10 years old and is a 5th grade student at Ashton Elementary. She has a true passion for drawing and has been drawing since she was very young. She continually works to improve her skills and every chance she has we find her sketching something. She also loves chorus and acting and had a lead role in her school play last year.

Tayla's experience comes from her own love of drawing and she practices continuously. She has attended some art camps in the city for fun and really enjoyed it. Mostly she's just naturally talented in this area and dedicates most of her free time to drawing for fun.

Tayla chose to paint a person in Sarasota with a mask on if she felt this was very relevant to her life in school. Masks have become a new and big thing and that's why she chose it.