It’s Okay

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The painting titled "It's Okay to Change," by Olivia D’Amico, reflects the evolving cultural landscape of Sarasota County, a community known for its rich artistic heritage and progressive values. With its bold, hand-lettered typography, the artwork conveys a message of acceptance and dynamic transformation, resonating deeply with the region's continuous growth and adaptation. Sarasota County, historically rooted in traditional art forms through institutions like the Ringling College of Art and Design, has embraced contemporary voices and new perspectives, making this painting a poignant symbol of the local ethos. The vivid use of primary colors — red, blue, and yellow — highlights the importance of embracing change while drawing on a sense of foundational stability, much like Sarasota's own journey of maintaining its cultural heritage while advancing into modernity.

Olivia D’Amico's work also mirrors the broader societal changes occurring within Sarasota County. As one of Florida's vibrant communities, Sarasota has seen significant demographic shifts, economic developments, and environmental challenges over the decades. This mural stands as an encouraging reminder that adaptation and resilience are vital. Positioned against a minimalist backdrop, the phrase "It's Okay to Change" acts as an empowering mantra for the county’s residents and visitors, emphasizing that progress and personal development are not only acceptable but also essential for communal growth. This painting encapsulates the spirit of Sarasota County's forward-thinking mindset, urging its diverse population to embrace and celebrate change in all its forms.

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