Inclusive Pirate Ship

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The "Inclusive Pirate Ship" painting is a vibrant and whimsical representation that captures the spirit of Sarasota County’s rich and diverse cultural tapestry. The painting depicts a purple-hulled pirate ship sailing on a serene blue sea, an emblem of adventure and the community’s fearless spirit. The ship is adorned with a rainbow flag, symbolizing Sarasota County's celebration of diversity and inclusion across all walks of life. The bright sun shining overhead suggests optimism and progress, reflecting the county's historical journey towards a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

The symbolism of the rainbow flag is especially poignant in Sarasota County, which has long been a beacon of acceptance within the state of Florida. This painting pays homage to the county's ongoing efforts to bridge gaps and build a truly inclusive community. From its historical roots in embracing different cultural influences to its forward-thinking stance on social issues, Sarasota County’s narrative is artistically encapsulated in this depiction. The "Inclusive Pirate Ship" is not only a nod to the area's maritime history but also a testament to its commitment to social progress and collective harmony.


Phoenix and River Forestier

Five-year-old Sarasota based artist Phoenix Forestier has been honing his skills in a variety of art forms for the past several years. An artist who is determined to create his vision, Phoenix can create both quick minimalistic works as well as pieces with more focus and detail. When he is not painting or drawing, Phoenix enjoys doing puzzles, building, and learning to skateboard.

He is also a mentor to other emerging artists, namely his younger brother, River, who also contributed to this piece.

River Forestier is another young emerging Sarasota based artist. At three years old, he is more of an abstract artist and loves helping his brother create. When River is not creating art, he enjoys singing, dancing, and making music, riding his bike, and twirling his mama’s hair.

Together, this team of brothers is skilled at creating and executing a vision, well beyond their years.

This piece was designed entirely by Phoenix. It is an inclusive pirate ship because Phoenix believes that love is love, and that applies to pirates too! Also, both Phoenix and River’s favorite color is rainbow.

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