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Sarasota County has many historic mosaics starting with those right in the Burns Square area.

Just ahead of this mosaic heart painting are starfish, fish and dolphins made of glass set directly into the concrete sidewalks around the Historic Burns Square building. Inside the building, the Burns Square Hotel rooms have mosaics in the bathrooms. Designed and created by Chalk Festival Founder, Denise Kowal in 2006.

North on S. Pineapple is the Mermaid Fountain that has ceramic mosaics and tiles.

An off Palm Avenue is the Church of the Redeemer where Chalk Festival artist Truman Adams created Nativity.

Outside the the entrance of the Ca'D'Zan (John Ringling's house) there is an impressive ceramic tile compass rose, featuring the signs of the Zodiac around its outer rim, along with the points of the compass.

The stunning mosaic featuring a circus parade is displayed above the front entrance of the Wells Fargo Bank on South Tamiami Trail.

The new Embassy Suites on North Tamiami Trail installed a large octopus that spans 25 feet and made of glass.

At the Sarasota National Cemetery 5 mosaics were installed, two floor pieces, a mural and two spirals.

There are so many wonderful mosaics in Sarasota, have fun exploring this incredible art form.