Fun at the Beach

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Did you ever bury a buddy at the beach? This next level illusion makes it seem like someone lost their head. The sands of Sarasota county can be such a creative medium. As one walks the beach castles, turtles, writing and dolphins may be encountered. Some people build elaborate labyrinths where entering the serpentine path one might walk slowly while quieting your mind and focusing on bigger questions. Building a sand castle with a child is almost a right of passage... an opportunity to teach and play... to encounter challenge and triumph.

Since 1973, Siesta Beach has hosted the Annual Amateur Sand Sculpture Contest, which is now hosted by Sarasota County Play. The Siesta Key Crystal Classic happens in November when 24 artists converge on Siesta Key to compete in an amazing Master Sand Sculpting competition. The sculptors create a large community carve, 8 solo sculptures and 8 team sculptures.

Grab a shovel! Grab a bucket! Let's have fun at the beach!

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