Ed Smith Stadium

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This vibrant painting showcases Ed Smith Stadium, a centerpiece of Sarasota County's rich sports heritage. Located in the heart of Sarasota, Florida, Ed Smith Stadium has been the spring training home of the Baltimore Orioles since 2010. The artwork captures the lush green field and iconic diamond, with the crowd in the background, signifying the enthusiasm and support of the local community for their beloved baseball team. The painting evokes the excitement and anticipation of the spring season, a time when fans gather to witness the Orioles prepare for the upcoming Major League Baseball season, linking generations of residents and visitors through the shared enjoyment of America's favorite pastime.

Since its renovation and re-opening in 2011, Ed Smith Stadium has not only served as a training ground for the Orioles but has also been a venue for creating lasting memories for families and baseball aficionados. The stadium and its depiction in the painting reflect Sarasota County’s dedication to fostering a vibrant sports culture and its ability to host significant events that draw in tourism and enhance the local economy. This artwork stands as a tribute to the enduring legacy of Ed Smith Stadium and its role in the community, representing a space where dreams take flight and the spirit of baseball continues to thrive.



Mandy Fulton

Mandy Fulton is completing her final year at Ringling College of Art and Design, studying fine arts. In Sarasota, she runs a local tie dye business where you can find her on Instagram @thetiedyeria. Her art work is primarily experimental. She uses mediums such as mold that allow room for chance to come into play, while incorporating elements of control herself. Mandy is currently interested in the art of abstraction through nature, but she used to work more figurative-based.

I wanted to be a part of this experience to bring art to the community, and do so with fellow friends. I think sidewalk art is such an exciting way to view art, getting to walk up directly on what you are looking at is a fun way to experience seeing art work. The variety of different artist's styles is something else that I love about this experience. Each piece is so diverse in style, and as you walk from square to square you can recall seeing an artist's hand you have already become familiar with. This project also brought a lot of people together in a positive way. Families gathering on a hot sunny day to paint together was very heart warming.

First, a clown. Then, Sarasota's Citrus Growers Association. An old drive-in movie theatre. Then, a map of the state, surrounded by native plants. I even had the pleasure of painting Elvis! I completed an alligator in Myakka State Park. And finally, an illustration-based piece of an old railroad.

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