Dr Nick

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The painting of Dr. Nick, the renowned bicycle sculptor, stands as a vibrant tribute to Sarasota County's unique heritage and cultural landscape. With bold and expressive strokes, the artist has captured the whimsical yet insightful essence of this local legend. Dr. Nick, depicted with his signature round spectacles and white flowing beard, is shown thoughtfully engaging with his bicycle sculptures. The painting is imbued with vivid colors; the backdrop transitions smoothly from deep azure to calming indigo, providing a rich canvas against which his creativity blossoms. Among the elements, a white peace symbol on one of his bicycle wheels prominently signifies Dr. Nick’s commitment to messages of unity and peace, values deeply resonant with the diverse and harmonious community of Sarasota.

The inclusion of a dove perched atop the bicycle, combined with the American flag bearing a peace sign, adds layers of symbolism to the piece, intertwining themes of freedom, hope, and tranquility that echo through Sarasota’s history. Dr. Nick’s artistic endeavors have long been a fixture in the cultural fabric of Sarasota, bringing together the community with his inventive spirit and engaging public art. The lush greenery and white flowers in the basket of the bicycle further emphasize the natural beauty and environmental appreciation for which Sarasota is renowned. This painting does not just celebrate an individual; it encapsulates a spirit of creativity and community-driven artistic expression that continues to flourish in Sarasota County.


Bridget Lyons

Bridget Lyons is a Florida Artist who focuses on colors and contrast in her paintings. That love of color has become a staple in her choices for street painting, although, she has pushed her range and begun to explore black and white images. Over the years, she has moved from flat, bright images to develop her passion for colors and just how far she can push the limits. Her style continues to evolve in street painting, by her mixed use of carefully selected reproductions and inspired original pieces. Aside from street painting, She also enjoys photography and painting in acrylics.

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