Orange Avenue Girl

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The original plat of Sarasota from 1885 shows that most of its streets were named for fruits! This was to bolster the claim of the Florida Mortgage and Investment of Scotland that is was easy to become Gulf Coast farmers, harvesting money off citrus trees. S. Orange Avenue and S. Pineapple Avenue intersect forming the southern gateway into the City of Sarasota from the wealthy south.

A truer picture of that 1800 era's reality would have been to throw in such names as Mosquito Street, Wilderness Boulevard, Insect Lane and Roach Road :) Nevertheless, the new settlers persevered and continued to grow Sarasota into a popular place for the wealthy who now adore its beauty and the outstanding and unparalleled culture.



Jeff Pilkinton

Jeff Pilkinton is an American full time artist from Fort Wayne IN. Jeff specializes in Murals and Chalk Art traveling the country doing chalk and street paint festivals. Although not limited to just murals and street painting Jeff loves all forms of art and creates in acrylic and oil portraiture, plein air painting and live sketching. Jeff was a pavement artists at the Sarasota-Venice Chalk Festival in 2019.

"I was honored to be a part of this event. I met so many great people in Sarasota that welcomed me and made me feel at home. I always loved the circus and that's why I wanted to do the portraits of the Ringlings. I also did the VW van because It had such a great coastal Florida vibe."

Jeff Pilkinton painted:
John Ringling
John Ringling North
Siesta Keys VW Van

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