Big Fish, Little Fish

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This striking and vivid painting, situated on a sidewalk in Sarasota County, artistically captures the essence of the aquatic food chain in the Gulf of Mexico. The artwork, rendered on a long, narrow canvas reminiscent of an ocean depth view, illustrates an intricate chain reaction of marine life where big fish eat smaller fish, and those smaller fish, in turn, feed on even tinier aquatic creatures. The vast blue background evokes the serene yet dynamic underwater environment that is quintessential to Sarasota's coastal areas. This piece stands as a symbolic reference to the delicate and interconnected marine ecosystem upon which the county’s natural beauty and economy largely depend.

Sarasota County, known for its exquisite coastline and rich biodiversity, has a deep historical and cultural connection with the ocean. The depiction of the food chain is more than an aesthetic choice; it serves as a reminder of the ecological balance that sustains local fisheries and marine reserves. The painting also highlights the importance of marine conservation efforts, which aim to protect these intricate food webs from the pressures of overfishing, pollution, and climate change. By showcasing this natural hierarchy, the artwork educates residents and visitors alike about the importance of preserving the health and diversity of Sarasota’s marine life, ensuring that the cycles of life in the Gulf continue to thrive for generations to come.


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Anita Wexler

Anita Wexler has her BFA from Parsons New School of Design and her art education cortication from Bank Street College, both in NYC; she also has her M.Ed in Education. She is currently a teacher at Sarasota High School.

Anita has had her artwork shown locally, nationally, internationally and published in numerous magazines; such as Numinous, Art Ascent and Healers and many more. She appeared on HGTV's Isn't That Clever and Crafters Coast to Coast. Wexler's art has made their way into the hands of many collectors including: William Wegman and Jane Seymour.

She continues to experiment, grow and challenge herself as an artist. & Instagram: @artbyanitawexler

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