Be the reason

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The vibrant painting pictured, entitled "Be the Reason," encapsulates the spirit of community integral to the history and ethos of Sarasota County. Sarasota County, nestled along the southwestern coast of Florida, is a region renowned for its close-knit communities and cultural richness. This painting, filled with lively hues and encouraging words, symbolizes the inclusivity and communal support that has been a cornerstone of Sarasota's development. The words "Be the Reason Someone Feels," followed by terms such as "Welcomed," "Seen," "Heard," "Valued," "Loved," and "Supported" are a poignant reminder of this area's historical commitment to fostering a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive both socially and culturally.

Historically, Sarasota County has been a hub for artistic expression and community-centered initiatives. The sentiment captured in this painting reflects the ongoing efforts by residents and local organizations to build supportive networks and promote social cohesion. From its roots with diverse settlers in the early 20th century to its present status as a flourishing arts community, Sarasota has always emphasized the importance of mutual respect and understanding. This artwork, prominently displayed, serves not only as a colorful piece of visual art but also as a meaningful emblem of the enduring community spirit that defines Sarasota County's past and present.

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The Avenue of Art is supported in part by the City of Sarasota. With an abundance of public art, the City's Public Art Program facilitates the creation and exhibition of a wide variety of publicly and privately initiated art works through commissions, acquisitions, donations, and loans governed by Zoning Code requirements for new development applicable city wide.