Tatyana Davis

Tatyana Sari Davis is a Texan native who moved to Sarasota for a fresh start. Always wanting to live near a beach, a job offer her mother got in Florida, was the prefect opportunity to make that dream a reality. With her mother, and identical twin, they made a 19 hour grueling car ride down from Dallas, and haven't looked back. Being physically disabled, the Sarasota sun, and clear air, was just what the doctor ordered. Since moving to Sarasota, Tatyana has found a life of friendship, employment, and true independence that she's always dreamed of. Being a black Queer Lesbian she's found more acceptance than in her hometown, and more happiness because of it.

This experience has been amazing and humbling. When I moved down from Dallas, I was amazed by the love of art the Sarasota community has. Coming here was the best thing to happen to me, and getting to be apart of Sarasota history has made it even better. The organizers Denise and Bill have been truly understanding of my time, and my disabilities. They have been more than helpful, and I'm grateful for them. I'm so happy to have this opportunity to showcase one of my designs, and be included in this festival.

My painting is of an abstract beach looking out at a beautiful sun on the horizon. I was inspired of course by the gorgeous scenery of Siesta Key beach.