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Stephanie Rischard

Stephanie is a Sarasota native and a Ringling College of Art & Design alum. She expresses her love of creativity by way of photography, belly dance, filmmaking, soap making, drawing, painting, and more. "Being a Sarasota native, there is a lot that I love about Sarasota being the theme of this community project. I love sharing positive stories about my experiences in my hometown and I was inspired to share my appreciation for one of my favorite places, Save Our Seabirds. Save Our Seabirds is an avian rescue & rehabilitation center located on City Island. At one point in my life I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the team and work there for over a year. During my time at SOS I gained so much more knowledge and respect for the incredible birds in our area & beyond."

It's difficult to say which bird species is my favorite, but the osprey is one at the top of my list. They are incredibly adept at catching fish & hearing their chirp just warms my heart. I decided to paint an osprey with the words ""Save Our Seabirds"". I was inspired by psychedelic posters from the '60s and used contrasting colors & heavy line for this project. I have never created anything in this style before and I am super appreciative of the Chalk Festival & Sarasota to host this experiment." An Osprey accompanied by the words "Save Our Seabirds"