Sophia head

Sophia Feeney

Sophia Feeney is a student of Booker High School and attends the VPA and AICE program. She is a Sophomore who specializes in digital painting and design with a compatible joy for painting and illustrating on paper. In her free time, she enjoys writing stories, sketching out new ideas, and horseback riding. Sophia is always learning and improving her skill. She hopes to attend the Ringling School of Art after she graduates. The inspiration behind this project was simply taking note of the surroundings and visualizing ideas for this project. The building this painting is next to was a big inspiration for the background. With intriguing patterns and colors, the building fit perfectly for the eye catching White Ibis. Because the Ibis is already an interesting bird, the pose was kept simple to show off the beauty of the bird. I painted the American White Ibis which took about eight hours in total.