Shannon Maloney

Shannon Maloney

Paintings include:


This is a playful piece showing a happy little bumblebee buzzing around colorful flowers and mushrooms. My hope is for this painting to serve as a reminder that we all have kindness that we can share with others and how sharing that kindness can add color, brightness, and joy to both the giver and receiver. This painting sits outside of the Child Protection Center in Sarasota, where survivors of child abuse receive services, so I felt it was important to convey this simple message in a positive and childlike style.


This is a floral piece that's a celebration of the depths and blending of colors. I loosely based these on native flowers that are planted in the butterfly garden in front of the Child Protection Center in Sarasota, the building that's next to this sidewalk square. Numerous butterflies flew past whenever I would walk by to wash my brushes, which felt like kismet! I have a deep appreciation for the many locals who use their gardening skills to help the pollinators.


This section is directly in front of the sign at the Child Protection Center, a local nonprofit whose mission is the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse. It displays a beautiful blue sky over a colorful pinwheel garden. Pinwheels are a symbol for child abuse awareness and prevention, serving as a visual reminder of what we want for all children- to experience the simple joys of a safe and happy childhood. Written across the sky are the words: "PREVENTION. INTERVENTION. TREATMENT." painted in CPC's brand colors. There is a playfulness in the lettering designs as well as the whimsical flowers in the garden. My hope is for this piece to show a colorful, innocent, and safe environment that we're working to build for children, while also showing that conversations about child abuse are not something to be hidden away in the dark. This piece is particularly important to me and I hope it captures the beauty of a world where kids can just be kids.