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Selah Paige

My name is Selah Paige. I am 13 years old and a Sarasota native. I going into the eighth grade. I enjoy playing video games and drawing. I want to study art and animation and hope to one day go to art school. My mother helped me paint my sidewalk art piece. I first sketched my art and then sketched it on the sidewalk and then we both painted it in. It was very hot so we had to break it up and complete it over a few days. While painting I met other artists and talked to them about their pieces. I enjoyed the process. I painted the Siesta Key Drum Circle. It is one of my favorite things about Sarasota. The style of this art piece is the Japanese style called "Kawaii" which is translated to mean cute, cuteness, or adorable. The most famous example of this art style is Hello Kitty.