Sara Engel

Sara Engel is an eclectic artist of many mediums. She has held a residency at Howard County Arts Center since late 2019, where she designs and builds unique stained glass pieces and manages her small business, The Handcrafty Sloth. Her inspiration often comes from nature, as well as pop culture and art history. Sara’s glass designs often break the picture plane and strays away from traditional frame shapes such as rectangles and ovals. In addition to stained glass, she paints in acrylics, oils, watercolor, knits and crochets, and sculpts in clay. She hopes to incorporate mixed media into her stained glass work in the future. She has also painted a large mural at Baltimore International Academy West, spanning the majority of the perimeter of the large cafeteria.

​When not creating in the studio, she is inspiring the next generation to create as a public school art teacher in Baltimore City, Maryland. She hopes to instill in her students a desire to express themselves using creative skills, as well as see art as a therapeutic outlet and form of communication.

Instagram: @theHandcraftySloth

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