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Paulie Nassart

Born and raised in New York City. Paulie was always fascinated with the art around him. Both in galleries and on the street. Paulie knew from a young age he needed to make art all day, he used this drive to create Nassart, which runs as his art brand. He wanted to make sure that the next generation would have more opportunities and he co-founded Off The Wall Graffiti; a 501c3 dedicated to helping underserved artists.

He is currently the Creative Director at Adobe Graffiti Lounge in the Village of the Arts and is the Vice President of the Artist Guild of Manatee. He lives by his mantra "If You Love It. Do It Every Day."

I love any opportunity to be a part of history. I loved the idea of capturing Iconic posters and images from Sarasota. It's been really cool to learn more about the local history.