Carrie head

Carrie Phillips

Originally from Springfield MO, Carrie "Scarrie" moved to Florida in 2019 and currently resides in Venice FL with her husband.

Having grown up in a house with a family of artists, she has been creating various forms of art since she can remember. She enjoys exploring all mediums and learning different techniques.

Carrie is currently working on painting a mural and preparing for an upcoming show. She looks forward to adding to the beauty of Florida and Sarasota County by getting involved with more community beautification projects.

Working on this project was an absolute blast. I enjoyed researching Sarasota's rich history and meeting the other artists.

My Mother collected Circus memorabilia and especially loved the clown, Emmett Kelly. I decided to paint Emmett Kelly for my Mom's birthday present. Emmett Kelly created the hobo character "Weary Willie" and is one of the most well known clowns.