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Brian Morris

Brian Morris, born and raised in Frankfort, Kentucky. US Air force Retiree, Construction Project Manager and full time artist. His life-long, internal passion for creativity has helped guide him through life’s journey. Brian’s work has grown over time from years spent in the tattoo industry, custom paintings and pet memorials in photographic detail to large scale art displays. With new opportunities always evolving, Brian discovered a new passion in street painting and sidewalk chalk art, and continues to grow as a featured artist in the field. He continues to try and make the world a better place, one art piece at a time. As most artist's I assume feel, I have always thought my gift is the ability to give back. To provide experience to others and hopefully capture a feeling in a moment of time. This opportunity was no different. I have a new found passion for street painting and when I heard about this opportunity to volunteer, I knew I had to attend. It is an amazing project being undertaken and the amount of support is extraordinary. To see so many artists come together and express the history of this community is epic. The feeling that is expressed by the community while hours are spent adding colors to the bland facade of the walk is unmatched. Their kind words and joyful expressions of happiness make the hours spent creating these pieces of work worth every minute. I cannot wait until Phase 2 begins so that I can participate and relive this experience over again. I discovered a vintage travel poster for Sarasota depicting the wildlife, and the natural feel of the area and the state of Florida. The bold use of solid colors drew me to the piece and I felt it would provide a dramatic look and hold up well to the elements.