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Beck Lane

Beck Lane

Beck Lane has been an artist & painter, in various forms, off & on for over 4 decades but in 2010 the artist decided to dedicate themselves fully to developing intent-filled artwork, getting it in galleries & building a base of serious collectors. As a result, Beck’s paintings can be found in collections from across the US to South America to Israel to Qatar & multiple places in between. And although, for the last 12 years, their focus has been placed on producing figure & portrait work of marginalized, historically significant & forgotten people, Beck did spend decades doing decorative painting, creating commercial work & illustrations as well as paintingmurals for private homes & businesses around theirnative Cape Cod.

Lane also spent some time as the art department for Trader Joe’s on Cape Cod where they not only created multiple small (5ft x 3ft) & larger (7ft plus) murals for the 11,000 sq ft store but was also in charge of all signage, they consulted with or mentored Trader Joe’s artists across the country & was ranked one of the top 5 artists within the company, nationwide. The job challenged Beck to develop the ability to create up to 2 dozen large & small illustrations a day & organizational skills they continue to use.

Since moving to Sarasota in 2017, Beck has become known as a studio painter with work in galleries & shows. However lately, people & organizations have been tapping into the artists other areas of expertise such as lettering, illustration & mural design. Included in their more recent projects are several 8ft x 10ft chalkboard murals for social activist Zander Moricz & his Sarasota based social justice org SEE Alliance as well as 11 sidewalk illustrations for Avenue of Art/Chalk Festival.

Other projects Beck has underway include a children's book series; murals for the city of Sarasota;the development of 55 portraits of Frida Kahlo, several local solo & group shows, two artist residencies as well as artist talks. In essence, Lane isan artist who is uniquely experienced in several areas. Their abilities are agile while they are driven, & have the organizational skills to be able to tackle opportunities both large & small.

In spring 2024, Beck Lane became the recipient of the Halo Art Projects Fellowship award, an award given to select artists by a board made up of philanthropists & professional artist peers. Beck also became the first individual artist to receive the Johnson/Singer Award, a privately run group of cultural enthusiasts. Both groups are dedicated to choosing artists or art organizations based on not only need & ability but the artist(s) or art organization whose work has cultural & social justice influence.

Professional & personal references are available on request